Electrostatic ring wrapping machine

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Electrostatic ring wrapping machine

The electrostatic ring wrapping machine is used for the dressing of the electrostatic ring in the production of large transformers. It has the advantages of being able to wrap 1~2 layers at the same time, adjustable tension, automatic shutdown protection of the broken paper, wide range of diameters of the workpiece, easy operation and high production efficiency. 

The main technical parameters

The Max.  external Dia. of work piece:    3000   mm

The Min. ID of work piece:          700mm 

 The range of height for work piece:      50-300mm   

       The range of width for work piece :      20-200mm

The Max. radial size of work piece:        200mm  

The wrapping materials: insulation cable paper and insulation corrugated paper

The width of wrapping materials :      ≤25mm(24/25mm

The wrapping pitch:1/21/31/4

The layer number to be wrapped: 1-2 layers (All the parameters can be input directly on the touch screen.)

The Dia. of inner core for insulation corrugated paper as wrapping materials: Φ50mm ( The Max. is Φ300mm for the insulation corrugated paper.)